FOI publication scheme

Our publication scheme below provides some basic information about our organisation. You may find the details you are looking for, without having to make a formal FOI or Freedom of Information request. It is also worth checking our disclosure log of previous FOIs to see if we have already responded to a similar request. 

Who we are and what we do 

  • Look in the about us and what we do sections for a range of information 
  • You will find out more in our Annual Report and Accounts, which you will find in our publications library 

What we spend and how we spend it 

What our priorities are and how we are doing 

  • We publish all our strategies and plans, setting out our priorities and objectives
  • Our integrated performance reports show how well we are performing  

How we make decisions  

  • Our constitution details our systems and processes for decision making 
  • We publish papers for our governing body ahead of every meeting 

Our policies and procedures  

  • Amongst our policies we have a Freedom of Information Policy

Lists and registers  

The services we offer