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Friday, November 8, 2019

We're reminding residents to ask their pharmacist about the range of services available in local chemists during a week long campaign, running from 11 to 18 November, and beyond.

NHS South Sefton CCG is supporting ‘Ask Your Pharmacist’ week – an initiative by the National Pharmacy Association (NPA), which highlights the range of services and support that is available to people from their local pharmacist.

Ask Your Pharmacist week complements the ‘Help us Help You’ national campaign, which encourages people to look after themselves during the winter months. The campaign reminds people to see a pharmacist if they need advice on minor illnesses and / or medication; and for older people it is a reminder to keep warm during the winter months by putting on an extra layer or turning up their heat.

Often, people make unnecessary trips to see a doctor, when their local pharmacy could help instead. In recent years, pharmacists have expanded their role, and now provide a wide range of clinical and public health services, within easy reach of the people who need them most.

Susanne Lynch, head of medicines management at the CCGs, said “We offer expert advice and support on a range of topics without an appointment; we can offer advice on the correct and safe use of medicines and devices as well as healthy living advice such as looking after yourself in the winter months.

“My advice in Ask Your Pharmacy week and all year round would be to pop in to your local pharmacy and have a chat about how they can help you.”  


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