CCG works with Maghull Town Council to assess health needs

As part of the Neighbourhood Planning process Maghull Town Council is working with NHS South Sefton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to determine the future health needs of local residents.

The CCG is inputting into the Town Council’s work to understand gaps in future health services, based on local needs, and to see what solutions exist to ensure adequate health infrastructure is in place as demand for care grows.

The reasons for this expected increase in demand are numerous and complex and include housing development and the increased needs of an ageing population.

Martin McDowell, Deputy Chief Officer for the CCG, said: “We welcome work by the Town Council to develop a Neighbourhood Plan for Maghull and we are pleased to be working with them as part of that process to determine what services residents need in the future.”

Town Council Leader Patrick McKinley said ‘the provision of adequate health provision is a key concern for all of us. We are working with the CCG to analyse the health needs of residents and seek to find solutions to address these needs. Our neighbourhood Plan will include a synopsis of needs and our infrastructure statements/policies will reflect the demand that current gaps are filled and adequate health facilities/services are provided locally and any future housing development will need to ensure that adequate health infrastructure is delivered at the right place and at the right time.

Town Clerk and CEO Angela McIntyre said ‘It is very exciting to be working with the CCG on this critically important issue and we will be pressing for local solutions to meet the diverse needs of our residents. One of the key issues is to find a suitable central location and we will be proactively supporting the CCG in this endeavour. Joint initiatives and partnership working like this highlights the importance of Neighbourhood Plans.

Martin McDowell said: “We are at the very beginning of a process and we look forward to continuing to working positively with the Town Council, as well as local residents and our member GP practices to find the best and most feasible solutions for Maghull that are sustainable for the future.”

Patrick McKinley went on ‘ When MTC conducted a Survey on the Local Plan the main concern residents had was that adequate infrastructure (including Health Facilities) may not be forthcoming. Since then we have worked tirelessly to get written undertakings by Sefton Council that both hard and soft infrastructure will be delivered at the right place and at the right time. This commitment is enshrined in the 18 infrastructure recommendations adopted by Sefton as an integral part of the Local Plan. Pioneering partnership working on Neighbourhood planning such as that between ourselves and the CCG will further ensure that the voice and needs of our residents are heard and acted upon.

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