How pharmacists can help you and your family stay well

Pharmacists offer free, expert, confidential advice on a range of health issues including what medicines are best to treat minor ailments such as coughs, colds, tummy troubles and teething pains. That is the advice from health commissioners in Sefton who are encouraging residents to visit their local pharmacy team first for advice on minor health concerns.

NHS South Sefton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and NHS Southport and Formby CCG are backing the national ‘Stay Well Pharmacy’ campaign, aiming to increase understanding of how pharmacists can help when people are feeling under the weather.

Parents and carers of under 5 year olds are particularly encouraged to think pharmacy first and remember the expert medical advice and treatments their local pharmacist can provide for common childhood conditions.

Speaking about why the campaign was important, Susanne Lynch, head of medicines management at the CCGs, said: “Pharmacists are highly qualified healthcare professionals who can suggest what, if any, medicines are suitable to treat things like a sore throat or tummy troubles. If your condition is more serious, then your pharmacist will ensure you get the help you need by telling you who you need to see. People live very busy lives these days so, instead of booking a GP appointment, why not pop in to your community pharmacist who will be happy to help.”

Residents in Sefton can also benefit from a scheme called Care at the Chemist, which is a way to get advice and treatment without the need for an appointment. Medicines are free for anyone who doesn’t pay for their prescriptions, so long as they have proof of exemption. People who do pay for prescriptions will still be charged for medicines but if they cost less to buy over the counter than the prescription charge, the lower rate will be applied.

You can find out more about Care at the Chemist, including the location of your nearest participating pharmacist, by visiting our dedicated web page:

Watch lead pharmacist at NHS South Sefton CCG, Christine Barnes, explain how pharmacists can help:

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