It’s a great time to start nurse training

Monday, July 6, 2020

Considering a career in nursing?  The COVID-19 crisis shone a light on the incredible teams that make up the NHS. Bursaries have returned, so now is a fantastic time to make your first steps into a career where you can really make a difference.

Nursing courses at University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) still have vacancies for BSc in Adult Nursing, starting this September. 

To find out more, visit to UCLan website and to apply visit the UCAS website.  Where possible, placements are allocated by postcode, so students studying at UCLan can spend their placement at Southport and Ormskirk Hospitals.

This will help them to gain valuable experience in their local area, without incurring huge costs which come from moving away during studies.

Bridget Lees, director of nursing, midwifery and therapies at Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust, said: “We know that many local people are facing financial uncertainty this year, so the option of studying close to home, with a placement in your local hospital, and a bursary – will hopefully be an attractive option for many in our community.

“During the COVID crisis we were overwhelmed by the support we received from local people around Southport and Ormskirk.  So we hope this positive relationship can continue and idea of working and studying in partnership with us will appeal to the next generation of nurses. 

"I am sure that many young people, having seeing healthcare workers have such an incredible impact on society, will be inspired to follow this career pathway.”

Sarah Traill, deputy head of the school of nursing at UCLan, added: “Nursing is an exciting and rewarding profession, and here at UCLan we take pride in working with our practice partners to create the conditions that enable our students to fulfil their potential and embrace new possibilities. 

“Whether this is a second career or a first step into the world of work and study, our expert team of academics, researchers and practitioners will guide you to become the nurse of the future.” 

To find out more about careers in the NHS visit and for jobs at Southport and Ormskirk visit

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