Litherland walk-in centre urges patients to use telephone appointment system

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Patients are reminded that in order to maintain safety, Litherland Walk-in Centre has moved to a telephone triage and appointment system.
It is no longer possible to encourage patients to simply 'drop-in'. This is being done because there are now two separate treatment centres:
  • From Wednesday 26 August 2020, Litherland Walk-in Centre will be used for the sole purpose of the assessment and treatment of possible/confirmed Covid-19 patients. The Field Lane entrance will remain closed and only potential Covid-19 patients will be able to enter and exit the main walk-in centre entrance in Field Lane
  • Patients who don't have Covid-19 symptoms but are acutely unwell or attending for minor ailments, injuries or dressings, will be seen and treated in another part of Litherland Town Hall, accessed from the Hatton Hill end of the building.
For the safety of patients and staff, all patients are asked to book an appointment in advance, so assessment and treatment can be directed to the correct part of Litherland Town Hall. Therefore if you need to access the service, you are advised to make an appointment in advance, by calling the walk-in centre direct on: 0151 475 4667
If you attend without an appointment, you may have to wait in your car or queue outside as the waiting rooms are no longer in use.
For any general queries, please contact the walk-in centre direct on 0151 475 4667.

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