NHS launches new website to help with your COVID recovery

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Your COVID Recovery is a new NHS website designed to help people recover from the long-term effects of coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19.

If you have had COVID-19, you may still have some of the physical symptoms, such as breathlessness, a cough and a lack of energy. You may also be experiencing some psychological symptoms, such as feeling scared or anxious, depressed, having trouble sleeping and struggling to remember or concentrate.

These symptoms, both physical and psychological, are common. The ‘Your COVID Recovery’ website includes information from health experts and advice on how to manage symptoms and look after your health and wellbeing. It also includes information on returning to work, and a helpful section for family, friends and carers of people who are recovering.

If you have any symptoms of coronavirus – a high temperature, a persistent cough or a loss of taste or smell – then you should self-isolate at home and call 119 to arrange a test.

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