Sefton seeks forever families to support adoption of local children

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

NHS South Sefton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is supporting its partners, Sefton Council to encourage local families to discover more about adoption and consider building their families by providing children with a forever family this National Adoption Week.

Adoption is something that affects many Sefton residents - a YouGov poll commissioned by the national adoption information service, First4Adoption, revealed that significantly more people from the North West are likely to know an adopted person than those living in any other region of England; with 43% having a friend, colleague or neighbour who was adopted as a child. Those living in the region also scored highly when it came to having an adopted person in their family.

20% of those surveyed said that someone within their close family circle had adopted a child or children. The research, published today to mark National Adoption Week (17-23rd October), is part of a campaign to promote a wider understanding of adoption and to encourage adopters to come forward for children currently waiting for 'forever families'.

Elaine Jamieson, adoption lead practitioner from Sefton Council says: “As this new survey shows, adoption is part of all our lives. Whether it’s within our own family, in our neighbourhood, at work, or at school, we all know someone who’s been touched by adoption. Our aim this National Adoption Week is to dispel some of those stubborn myths that cling to adoption and to invite everyone, whatever their adoption connection, to find out more by contacting us.

“The national campaign is also a great chance to highlight the comprehensive and varied adoption support available. Due to their early life experiences many adopted children require ongoing support to thrive in their adoptive families. We want people to know that adoption does not begin or end with the making of an adoption order. Most adoptive families are very happy, but sometimes adoptive parents need an extra hand. The Adoption Support Fund is a huge step in the right direction towards ensuring that families get the help they need to parent vulnerable children."

Alison a single adopter who adopted two children through Sefton, both of who have additional needs, added: “I won’t tell anyone it’s easy but I can honestly say it’s the most enriching and rewarding thing you’ll ever do!

"I feel like my family’s complete. I don’t know what I would do without them, they’ve changed my life in the best possible way."

Peter Wong, children’s commissioning manager at NHS South Sefton CCG said: “Adopting a child makes a positive difference to not only their childhood but their whole life. I would highly recommend contacting Sefton Council’s friendly adoption service if you are thinking about it. They can offer advice and chat you through any queries you may have even if you are just thinking about it.”

National Adoption Week 2016 runs from 17th – 23rd October. The theme is embodied by the hashtag #SupportAdoption. As in previous years, the need to find families for some of our most vulnerable children remains at the heart of this year’s event.

If you are thinking about adopting, Sefton Council holds its next adoption and information session on November, 8, 6.30pm, at The Vincent Hotel, Southport. This session is a great opportunity to meet Sefton’s expert team and experienced adopters.

You can also contact the adoption service on FREEPHONE 0800 923 2777 (9am-5pm), by email or visit

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