Sefton residents aged 19 and under invited to share views on sexual health services

Date exercise ended - Friday, December 11, 2020

Sefton Sexual Health is inviting residents in Sefton aged 19 and under for their views on their sexual health services to help steer future service development.

The service is looking to address important questions about their service, such as: 
Do young people aged 19 and under want designated sessions (PACE clinic) just for them, or are they happy to attend services for all ages?
Is it different for some of the harder to reach groups?
How does a young people (PACE clinic) session feel different to any other clinic session?
How can the service develop its 'digital front door'?

How to get involved

If you are a current service user or may use the service in the future, you can help to shape services and make a difference by taking part in the survey here.

Find out more about Sefton Sexual Health by visiting their website here.